About the Journal

The Peninsula Journal of Strategy and Policy (PJSP) is the independent peer-reviewed flagship biannual journal of The Peninsula Foundation (TPF). The PJSP is a publisher of research articles, book reviews and commentaries and aims to serve as a trusted repository of publications and research materials on the analysis of strategy and policy in the context of domestic and global governance. By providing a forum for researchers and academicians to create and publish their original manuscripts, the journal seeks to identify and encourage scholarship that engages with significant theoretical, and empirical subjects and methods. Promoting critical and objective analysis on themes concerning both international and domestic issues including the truly interdisciplinary is at the core of PJSP.

Above all the journal aims to embrace the diversity inherent in this discipline, produce scholarship that is globally impactful and foster an understanding and holistic awareness of the world around us.

PJSP’s areas of work include but are not limited to:

  1. Democracy & Governance
  2. Science, Technology and Security Affairs
  3. International and Transnational Affairs
  4. Transformational paradigms